Averiett Branch Farm
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Averiett Branch Farm Menu


T-Bone                                      $19
Rib eye                                     $19
Sirloin                                      $14 
Ground Beef                             $8
Roasts                                     $9
Short Ribs                                $9
Cube Steak                              $8
Brisket                                     $10
Flank Steak                              $14
Skirt Steak                               $14
Sirloin Tip Steak $14

             All prices are per pound

Whole Steer Available $2200
Price includes processing fee and delivery of the meat (est 330 lbs meat)

Whole Hog $800
Price Includes processing fee and delivery (est 150 lbs meat)

Bacon                        $8
Sausage                    $7
Spare Ribs               $8
Boston Butt               $7
Pork Chops                 $9
Whole Ham                 $6
Pork Steaks                $8
All prices are per pound

Lamb Chops                   $18
Shoulder Chop              $7
Chuck Chop                    $7
Ground Lamb                 $8
Leg of Lamb                   $8
Stew Meat                   $7
Lamb Steak                    $9
Lamb Ribs                      $6
All Prices are per pound

Whole Lamb $450
Price includes processing fee and delivery
(est 50lbs meat)

All meat is USDA approved and inspected.  The meat is then quick frozen and packaged in air tight plastic.
To place an order or get more information please complete the form and list what type of cuts you are interested in purchasing.